Stronger than muscle pain

Whether for temporary or long-term pain, the yellow PERSKINDOL products Classic/Active have been recommended by Swiss pharmacies and drugstores for over 30 years. They treat muscular or articular pains of the daily life and those related to a sporting activity.

🇨🇭 A Verfora product made in Switzerland


The advantages

  • Effective : PERSKINDOL Gel, Fluid and Spray have an immediately noticeable cooling effect that calms the inflammation. They relieve pain and promote healing.

  • Well tolerated
    PERSKINDOL products are based on essential oils. They are therefore very well tolerated and suitable for short or long term use.
  • Practice : The different formats are designed for easy use in all circumstances, in sports or in everyday life. The products penetrate the skin quickly, leave no film or greasy residue and have a characteristic smell with a relaxing effect.

For the treatment of symptoms:

Muscle pain
Muscle contractures
Muscle cramps
Joint pain
Rheumatic pain
Back pain
Neck pain
Warming up or relaxing muscles (before or after physical activity)

Triple therapeutic action

Thanks to its triple therapeutic action, Perskindol has a cooling effect that calms the inflammation. Applying the gel to the painful area then provides targeted pain relief. Finally, the stimulation of the local blood circulation induces a warming action that favours healing.

Pharmacy advice

Apply several times a day to painful areas of the body.
For short or long term use.
Penetrates quickly, leaves no film or greasy residue.
For children from 3 years old.