KAdermin Spray® & KAdermin Crème®


For wound healing

🇮🇹 Exclusive to Pavia Farmaceutici


Promotes wound healing

Thanks to their patented SCX technology, based on silicon dioxide optimized with silver ions and chlorhexidine, KAdermin Spray® and KAdermin Cream® are innovative and highly effective products for preventing wound reinfection.

KAdermin Spray is a powder formulation that creates a protective barrier for the treatment of wounds, abrasions, burns and skin lesions. Its patented formula is ideal for use on wet areas (inguinal, axillary, interdigital, buttocks, submammary fold, other skin folds).

KAdermin Cream® is recommended either for the treatment of minor wounds, cuts, burns and scrapes) or for the treatment of ulcers and pressure sores.

KAdermin Cream® creates an effective protective barrier against microbial aggression and promotes natural tissue regeneration processes, helping wounds to heal faster.